Adobe Unflexes

Looks like Adobe is all set to become a HTML5 company. Following their decision to stop development on mobile flash, Adobe has decided to donate Flex SDK to the Apache Software Foundation. And it is not only Flex, Adobe seems to be lightening up of a lot of technologies. However, this is not new, Adobe has handed over technologies to Apache before. It is quotes like this that indicates that Adobe is unmarshalling its technologies for more transparent ones:

Does Adobe recommend we use Flex or HTML5 for our enterprise application development?

In the long-term, we believe HTML5 will be the best technology for enterprise application development. We also know that, currently, Flex has clear benefits for large-scale client projects typically associated with desktop application profiles.

They believe that in some time HTML5 will be able to replace Flex in many cases. Flex will find it difficult to find more users. Like Adobe, the developers won’t like to work with a technology that is being expected to be replaced.

Is Adobe doing the right thing? The developers definitely do not feel so. Adobe seems to have realized that they cannot not participate in HTML5 development and make it Flash v/s HTML5.

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