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I was helping a friend move to Linux. The printer WeP EX330+DX turned out to be biggest hurdle for moving to Linux. We couldn’t find much on the Web as well. Since the more common printer problems have been resolved on Linux, it took some effort to kill the inertia and dig into what was happening.

It looked like we were hosed when we noticed the CD that comes with the printer. I was almost sure we wouldn’t find anything there. Who distributes drivers on CDs and not on the Web! Apparently WeP does, quite efficiently.

We found a Linux sub-directory in there, with a setup.sh. However, we were converting that printer server, so we could not use the install script. But we were happy to find ppd files, and CUPS, our printing service, was happy with them as well. One additional step we had to take was to copy rastertowep in the filter sub-directory in the CD to /usr/lib/cups/filter on our machine. And we were good to go.

It must have been ages since we installed some software from CD. I hope WeP soon provides these setup files on the Web. Till then, if you get problems from WeP printers, stop looking in repositories and use that CD drive.

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