GRUB2, It Was Inevitable

My tone indicates that GRUB2 is not useful. Yes, and No.

It is a definite improvement over its predecessor with features like better scripting support, graphical boot menus, boot live CD ISOs directly, themes, and so on. It has helped Linux distributions to enhance experience of the first screen that a user sees with pretty splash screens. I believe some users are really happy with the new multiboot features.

It is just that I don’t need any of those today. I don’t use the themes or graphical boot features, or fiddle around a lot with GRUB. I find text-file editing interface of the older GRUB friendlier than the new way. However, it has to go. Especially when your supported version is being qualified as Legacy! Even then, the good people of Arch Linux made sure that you can continue to use the older version, the upgrades won’t mess with it.

But as a principle, it is better to use supported versions. So, GRUB Legacy leaves my Arch Linux machines, the last of them, to make way for GRUB2. It was inevitable.

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