Another Switch In Arch Linux, To systemd

Close on the heels of migration to GRUB2 comes another switch in the Arch Linux world – to systemd. And I won’t lag behind, though I am getting used to being indifferent towards these switches. With help of the excellent Arch Linux wiki, all my Arch Linux machines now boot using pure systemd installation.

Systemd is not new to other distributions, And it seems more capable than the SysV-style inits. However, like GRUB2, it seems to have more moving parts. I cannot contest that these tools are not designed better. I am sure they are, and that is why we are switching to them. However, I haven’t seen those benefits yet, or it is more probable that I don’t need those benefits. My systemd seems to boot my laptop a tiny bit faster. But it now requires me to understand a whole new system of specifying boot parameters and managing services. Or that systemd has some overlapping functionality with acpid for power, sleep and lid actions. This difference in operations, without much difference in the output seems unwanted.

I know I am ranting, but I sincerely hope that one day I will benefit from these switches.

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    Another Switch In Arch Linux, To systemd | iface thoughts

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    Another Switch In Arch Linux, To systemd | iface thoughts

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