Technical Colleges In India To Use Office 365, Sad

This is sad! Enforcing a proprietary system on students is sad. Getting the educational institutions locked into vendors is sad.

“Microsoft provided enterprise-grade services and support whereas other vendors did not. Data security and privacy were of paramount importance to us, and we felt that Office 365 offered the compliance features that we required. We were impressed by Microsoft’s extensive experience in higher education and ability to deploy a system across geographically distributed locations without adding significantly to IT management costs,” he added.

I am sure they are impressed by Microsoft’s presentations. But it would have taken only slightly more effort to get less ignorant. Other vendors do not provide enterprise-grade services? You can find many who even support open standards and open source technologies so that educational institutions are not locked in. And I think AICTE should definitely explain how this would happen without adding significantly to IT management costs.

It would have been great if they had published their findings in more detail. The current statements spell only ignorance! Sad!

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