Software cannot exist for itself, its purpose is not to be just a program or package, but every bit of it should have a business purpose. The business need not be a money-making business, but any establishment that uses software. This weblog is an effort to align business interests with software concerns and methodologies.

What is iface?

iface is a shortform for interface, the enabler of communication. Interface is ubiquitous, everything that we deal with has an interface, in fact multiple interfaces which makes our world so dynamic.

I have named my establishment iface Consulting, on the lines of iface. iface Consulting aims at developing software for business, by design. The focus is on the business and its benefits. This does not undermine the technical challenge involved, but uses technology as a means to achieve benefits for the business.

Who Am I?

I have been working as a software professional for 9+ years, in India and USA, currently based in Mumbai, India. I have learnt that every business should be convinced about the ROI in software. To be able to do this, the focus should be on the maximum benefit to the business, rather than on just technical expertise. As much as necessary it is for software professionals to realise this, the business should also appreciate this fact and participate whole heartedly to enable this. Get to know more about me and my struggle with software engineering.

This weblog however, is not merely a business interest, it is my identity, my understanding of the software world. This blog was born on wordpress.com as Abhijit Nadgouda @ iface. It is moved here, hosted with BlueHost (affiliate link) as I wanted to do more with my blog and wanted better control on the software.

This blog is my interface to learn from the world and share my knowledge with it. I look forward to learning and contributing, and meeting new friends through this. My attempts to express myself have kindled the desire to write, so keep checking this website for my thoughts on software and its applications.

Feel free to give your feedback.

Discussion [Participate or Link]

  1. Abhijit Nadgouda @ iface » Blog Archive » Ultimate Wordpress RSS Feed Customization said:

    […] http://iface.wordpress.com/wp-inst/wp-rss2.php?page_id=2 […]

  2. Abhijit Nadgouda said:

    Hi Radhika & Bhushan,

    I have moved your comment to a more appropriate post – OO Design Principles. Let us continue the discussion there.

  3. vinu said:

    could meet and have a chat sometime??

  4. Doug Karr said:

    I love the layout of your site. Great blog!

  5. Abhijit Nadgouda said:

    Thanks Doug!

  6. Madhur Kapoor said:

    Hi Abhijit
    YOu got a great blog …especially good for some aspiring software engineers like me .. Keep uo the good work..

  7. Abhijit Nadgouda said:

    Thanks Madhur! It is in fact good for me too since I get to interact with so many people related to software engineering. I have also started to understand importance of some of the peripheral topics.

  8. joeandrieu.com » Blog Archive » One Night Stand worth $300 Million said:

    […] tip to Abhijit Nadgouda of iface […]

  9. vasavi said:

    Dear Sir,
    please add me in ur list

  10. vasavi said:

    do u have an account in facebook?

  11. vasavi said:

    do u have an account in facebook?

  12. Lakshmi Mareddy said:

    Great site layout. I am a sucker for type based layouts. Nice meeting a geeky blogger !

    All the best…


  13. Ankit Arte said:

    Hello Abhijit, I just landed on your blog searching for few bloggers on google. This blog really caught my eye. Wonderful design and good posts.
    I also read that you have founded a consultancy named iface Consulting. But I am not able to find its link anywhere. Can you please provide me with the same.
    Do you use twitter regularly, if yes, let me know your twitter name, I would like to follow this blog on twitter.

  14. Navneet said:

    I like the way your theme looks.

  15. sheila said:

    This blog is my interface to learn from the world and share my knowledge with it. I look forward to learning and contributing, and meeting new friends through this.
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