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India Comes Up With Text To Speech And Web-based OCR

Press release: Technology Development for Indian Language (TDIL) Programme of the Department of Information Technology, under a consortium project has developed this Text-To- Speech system. TTS has also been integrated with Non Visual Desktop Access (NVDA) screen reader and Optical Character Recognition System (OCRA). OCR system developed under a TDIL consortium Project for Hindi & Punjabi was also provided on TDIL Data Centre to get user feedback, while the challenges of computationally intensive technology research are parallely being addressed. [Continue]

AJAX For Accessibility

Charles Chen writes about AxsJAX – a framework for injecting accessibility using AJAX techniques. Pronounced as Access JAX, AxsJAX follows the W3C ARIA specification, and might work as an active test tool for it. Being the main developer behind Fire Vox, Charles has made AxsJAX available through it, as a bookmarklet and through Greasemonkey script. [Continue]

Accessibility Basics

Frances Forman presents practical plans to incorporate accessibility in the architecture. It is quite interesting to note that global audit on web accessibility failed to find sites that complied to the guidelines. Accessibility is one the aspects that cannot be treated as an addon, it has to be weaved in right from the beginning. [Continue]

Issues With Testability

Gian Sampson-Wild explains her problem with testability in the W3C‘s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG). Testability is the ability of, in our case, software or content, to be testable either by machines or humans. One of the properties of a good establishment of tests is that it is not dependent on the machine’s or the human’s preference. [Continue]



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