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CAPTCHAs have been the subjects to extremes – hate and love, complete discard and tremendous reliance on the Web to avoid spam. They are instrumental in identifying humans from machines that programmatically send spam messages. They have been effective, but with a big problem. [Continue]

Accessible CMSs

Most of the times we consider accessibility of only the published content. Not of the interface where the content is created or managed. Most popular reason being that the published content is where the meat is, the administration interface of content management interface or the backend is only the means, not the output itself. [Continue]

Importance Of Heading Structure

Kevin Yank highlights the importance of using heading structure. Because assistive technologies like screen readers allow users to navigate through a document by its heading structure, your headings need to form a sensible structure independent from the rest of your document markup. It is well known that headings contributes to better SEO as well as semantic HTML. [Continue]

JavaScript Availability

Roger Johansson looks at how popular services, like Blogger and Bloglines, assume availability of JavaScript. If you try explore the reasons behind unavailability, you will end up looking at the security model of JavaScript. Most of the corporates, and a lot of individuals I know, either disable JavaScript or block it partially for security reasons. [Continue]



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