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ISS Laptops Switch To Linux

They are moving to Debian. Unlike a lot of sponsored studies the reasons to switch – stability, reliability, in-house control – are in sync with users’ experiences. Also note that Linux runs on a specialist hardware like the first humanoid robot in space and the laptops that ran XP before.

R.I.P. Aaron Swartz

One of the worst days. He managed to teach a lot to the world – through fighting for Internet freedom, programming, blogging, hacking, everything he did to keep information open. Hats off to Aaron who managed to build systems that got people together, change the information flow and went to great lengths to give us access to information. [Continue]

WYSIWYG On Web Is Wrong

I know I have said this before, but WYSIWYG editor is a wrong solution for managing content on the Web. On the Web, we want content to be separated from its formatting, and WYSIWYG editors offer the exact opposite. Markdown, Textile, even WYSIWYM works well, but WYSIWYG editors are still the most user-friendly feature advertised by CMSs. [Continue]

Xfce’s Approach

I am more than a little late in linking to this, but it is worth archiving. Nick Shermer’s interview tells you a lot about the team’s approach towards Xfce. I think that is how it hits the right balance.

Icons Of The Last Generation

Scott Hanselman humours about the icons that do not make sense in this generation. I personally, though, still like some old icons, like the calendar or telephone or the microphone. Today’s devices are so software-oriented that their physical design do not emote the functionality as well as their older versions. [Continue]

Slackware Needs You

Slackware (at Wikipedia), one of the earliest Linux systems, needs your help. I understood the real meaning of open source – freedom and choice – while using Slackware. Slackware is important for open source and for Linux. [Continue]

See How Linux Is Built

If you wonder about the Linux kernel development, this video is a good start. It does an amazing job of explaining the process and communication between developers without using technical jargon. A part of it is also a good presentation for people unaware of Linux.



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