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The Document Foundation Incorporated

The Document Foundation, which forked away from OpenOffice, and looks after LibreOffice development is officially incorporated in Berlin, Germany. The legal form of the entity – rechtsfähige Stiftung des bĂĽrgerlichen Rechts – means that it is an independent foundation that is supported by state authorities. As a LibreOffice user I am happy to see a vendor-neutral organization committed towards development of LibreOffice. [Continue]

Updating The Theme

You will see gradual changes to this blog design over next couple of weeks. In last couple of days, I have used CSS3 gradients for background color and media queries to change the layout a bit for different screen sizes. You can test it by resizing your browser to different sizes.

NASA’s Love For Open Source

NASA has tightened its embrace for the open source philosophy. code.nasa.gov (via Information Week), a new Web site, showcases NASA’s projects and talks about contributions from others. NASA is one of my favourite mentions as a big open source user whenever people bring up the less-secure FUD for open source projects. [Continue]

Indian Government Proposing Internet Nightmare

The Indian Government wants to manually pre-screen content that goes on sites like Twitter and Facebook. This does not seem like a well thought initiative. Not only is the volume of such content impossible to be monitored manually, the Government fails to understand that these sites are usually the pointers to other sites where the actual content is stored. [Continue]

End Of An Inspiring Era

Apple announced that Steve Jobs was no more. Very rarely you come across someone who can inspire both – the everyday users and the technical world with the same intensity. Very rarely you come across someone who influences both – their colleagues and their competitors alike. [Continue]



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