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Blogging, For Students

Matt Jadud has written a guide for students on blogging. It is a must read for any student who is looking at doing more with his/her academic work. Blogging is one of the best ways for students to communicate with rest of the world, including the industry. [Continue]

Fair Syndication Consortium Comes Up To Fight Sploggers

The big publishers are coming together to build the Fair Syndication Consortium to fight sploggers and online plagiarism (via Erick Schonfeld). While solutions in the past have tried to modify the content or syndication to fight sploggers, the consortium aims to eliminate the root cause. The consortium wants to negotiate with the ad networks to pay them for their content being reproduced elsewhere. [Continue]

Excuses For Unblogging

I guess I have finally found a word for what I did with this blog for last month or so – unblogging! For various reasons I could not be near an Internet connection. That and some personal reasons kept me from being active on this blog. [Continue]

Pink For October

In an attempt to support the Breast Cancer awareness month, this blog is going pink for October, like the last year. Many of you might feel that the decoration does not help. However, if a bunch of us do it together, it will definitely draw attention to the matter.

Free Magazines via TradePub

The good people at RevResponse.com got in touch with me to offer free magazine subscriptions for you, the readers. There is a widget in the sidebar called “Free Technical Resource Center” that will lead you there. You can subscribe to some good software development magazines and journals for free. [Continue]

Changing My Reading Pattern

I read a lot of feeds, which include group blogs and newspapers. Over the years I have observed, that their USPs fall in one of the following: Being first with the news Carrying exclusive news Offering unique analysis and opinions However, recently a lot of the group blogs are carrying content that I just skim over. There are the occasional ones that I click through, bookmark, comment or blog about it, but over time their percentage has dipped down. [Continue]



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