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Google Brings OpenID To Blogger

I will soon be able to comment on blogs done using Blogger using my OpenID, which is this blog’s URL. Google is bringing OpenID to the new Blogger. OpenID enables them to support other URLs which are OpenIDs, like the blog URLs from other blogging services like LiveJournal and WordPress.com, as the image shows. [Continue]

9rules Relaunches With Ali2

Last year-end brought more visibility to this blog, through the 9rules Network. With time 9rules has evolved into something more than a network. Of course you can always say that it is trying to piggy back on the social networking trends, but it sure is a place to build associations. [Continue]

Various Forms Of Comments

In other words, comments on articles or posts are not the only way of commenting. Think of the different ways in which a reader can express his/her thoughts on the article or blog post he/she is reading. If I am a reader, I can bookmark the link using one of the social bookmarking tools and write a note as my comment share the link on messaging services like twitter, Jaiku or Pownce with a comment discuss on one of the meme sites like Reddit, Digg, Slashdot or DZone share the link via social networking sites like Facebook or Orkut, either as message on a wall or in a group discuss the topic in a forum dedicated to the topic write on my blog or my tumblelog, which should send the appropriate trackbacks directly comment on the article/post I am reading. [Continue]



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