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Oxite – Microsoft’s CMS Platform

Microsoft has released Oxite – an open source, standards compliant and highly extensible content management platform (via Amit). Also, Oxite is being marketed as a blogging engine. However, the language used seems to put it more as a CMS platform targeted towards developers than a blogging engine for the end users. [Continue]

Content Management Requirements Are Important

Many developers in the CMS domain do not realize that CMS is primarily for those who manage the content. The web site visitors/readers/users benefit from what the content managers can do with the CMS. In short, as a CMS developer, the web site visitors/readers/users are clients of your client, who manages the content. [Continue]

Searching The Meta-Content

While thinking of search strategies for a web application, I realized that a lot of queries can be handled by searching the meta-content instead of the content itself. By meta-content, I mean content about content, e.g., classification, tags, title, intro or authors of an article. Especially in the case I was looking at the meta-content was rich enough to accurately answer a lot of search queries. [Continue]

Will CMIS Strike?

The content management world got proposal for a new standard, CMIS, backed by the three giants in this domain. The introduction reminded me something of the Java world, that was supposed to take the content management world by storm. It has progressed to the next version, but it has not become exactly popular. [Continue]

Tell Drupal What You Want

Drupal is on the CMSs I like, and one that works across a range of scales and purposes. Dries Buytaert, the founder of Drupal is inviting you to tell what you want from it through a survey, whose results will be made public. Drupal has been already hailed as a ready-for-enterprise open source CMS. [Continue]

Pre-built Or Custom?

Matthew Magain has an interesting story of a competition between two teams, one using an existing CMS and the other doing development from scratch for a web site. The Aussie team chose to use a pre-built, open source CMS (Drupal) while the CodeBlacks (Team New Zealand) chose to build their site from scratch. The CodeBlacks won. [Continue]



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