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Universal IE6 CSS

Andy Clarke has a new solution for dealing with IE6 incompatibilities – Universal IE 6 CSS. The idea is to serve simple design with great typography for IE 6, without layout. The Web developer community is trying various approaches to get rid of IE6. [Continue]

img Or background-image?

How do you decide whether an image should be included as a img element or a background image? As Chris Heilmann explains, if the image is content, it better be part of the markup with img and alternative text. With background images, you have to ensure something else – that a corresponding background colour is seen when images are disabled, otherwise the site is rendered unreadable.

Use HSS To Use Variables In CSS

Nicolas Cannasse has gone ahead and added variables to CSS. There have been efforts earlier to improve CSS, like CleverCSS and Sass. However, by adding variables Nicolas has perhaps lightened the argument of non-semantic CSS names in CSS frameworks. [Continue]

W3C v/s Developer Community

W3C again finds itself fighting the Web designer and developer community. It seems to have started from Andy Clarke’s call for reorganizing the CSS Working Group. Andy raises a concern that browser vendors, which compete with each other, will act in good interest of collaboratively developing the new CSS standard. [Continue]

Stripped Off

Answering to the call for CSS Naked Day (via Lorelle), this blog is stripped of its design. You can see underneath the hood, something that is seen by the search engines day in and day out. An interesting observation was that, when I renamed the style.css to something else, WordPress picked up the default style. [Continue]



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