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Icons Of The Last Generation

Scott Hanselman humours about the icons that do not make sense in this generation. I personally, though, still like some old icons, like the calendar or telephone or the microphone. Today’s devices are so software-oriented that their physical design do not emote the functionality as well as their older versions. [Continue]

Effect Of Minimalist Design

This is a great experiment to show effect of minimalist design. While the minimalist design might not always be the best one, this is a good reminder that sometimes making a design effective might mean removing some things from it. This is more so in digital media where the attention span is less, almost no control over reader’s environment and technology is always moving.

Psychology in Design

Jeremy Keith has great inputs on designing with psychology in mind. Though he talks primarily about Web designers, it holds true for most of the software application designers as well, or anyone who gets a chance to create an environment. A lot of times designers limit their exercises to observing and studying their users and design accordingly. [Continue]

XML Schemas Should Be More Context Specific

I relived an intense past discussion while reading Uche Ogbuji’s nice introduction to XML elements and attributes design. We had discussed exactly the same issue, with the exact same examples of date and name to justify our decisions. What we ended up with was a lot different than what any of us had devised, because our examples were comletely out of context. [Continue]

Restrictions Matter

I came across a case where a programmer, to design the epitome of flexibility and user control, gave an interface to the user who could change the information schema on the fly. This automatically made corresponding changes to the backend storage and the system model, and the application just worked. However, it failed to remain usable, as the ease of modifying the information schema only helped the user in creating a lot of cruft and in the end corrupting the data. [Continue]



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