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Not Always Simplicity

Don Norman has an interesting article saying simplicity is not the answer. Quite true, especially because nowadays simplicity is getting dangerously trendy. I believe the right balance of functionality and simplicity also depends on the user’s profile and needs. [Continue]

Designing Findability

A List Apart has an informative article by Aarron Walter on Findability. Findability leads to better usage, which can lead to benefits for businesses and individuals. It requires explicit attention and effort to incorporate it in not only during the development but also through all the changes that happen over years. [Continue]

The Inheritance And Composition Duel

Reginald Braithwaite reminds us of the inhertiance and composition duel, and it is a good reminder. The biggest misconception that lot of programmers come out with, and I was part of the mob when I graduated, that the biggest benefit of inheritance is code reuse. I think this is worse than being false, it is half-correct, or quarter-correct. [Continue]

Is UML Requred For A Good Design?

I do not know how to answer this question. Mostly because I have mixed feelings about UML itself, and partly because I do not think UML directly impacts the design itself. But I have seen instances where diligent use of UML has helped bring in consistency. [Continue]

Design Is Inevitable

In one of my discussions with a friend I mentioned that, irrespective of the domain, I am spending more and more time on the design. Which made my friend wonder if we could skip designing, thinking that it will reduce the time required to do the task. Can we eliminate design? [Continue]



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