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Panel-free Desktop

One of the features I love in XFCE is to use the desktop to hold minimized applications. I use shortcuts or dmenu to launch my applications, so the launchers on desktop are waste of a feature. This, along with the right-click menu and conky has helped me avoid the panels altogether. [Continue]

Got Tiled With xmonad

I have started using xmonad as my primary window manager this year. I had first tried xmonad while learning Haskell. xmonad is a tiling window manager, which means that windows on your desktop border upon each other without overlapping. [Continue]

Task Based Desktop

All my interactions with non-technical users point towards the same thing, and quite boldly – task based desktop. Most of them are not worried about the application being used nor about what is involved in invoking it. In fact, I know some people who consider it to be a lot of effort to not only start an application, but even to remember doing so. [Continue]

On Desktops

I said earlier that I did not like the direction in which KDE 4.0 was going in. But the underlying cause can be perhaps found in Havoc Pennington’s post. GNOME 2.0 and KDE 4 are bad models for change. [Continue]

Mozilla Messaging And It Is Thunderbird 3

Mozilla Messaging is a new subsidiary of the Mozilla Foundation, and as the name says, focusing on messaging (via Ars Technica). The plans, as David Ascher explains, are to build a great product on the existing Thunderbird 2 base. We’ve started defining what Thunderbird 3 will be, because we think that there is enough consensus to make some of the first decisions on the most important changes to tackle first. [Continue]



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