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Upgrade FeedSmith

Amit Agarwal informs us that FeedBurner has upgraded the FeedSmith plugin for WordPress to plug a potential security vulenrability, which means that it is an required update. The upgrade is really simple. Even if you are using the older version, just disable it, delete the older file, upload the new one, enable it and you are good to go. [Continue]

Modifying FeedBurner Plugin

This blog uses the excellent FeedBurner plugin. It is very good at its job, but there is one disadvantage. We lose all the individual feeds that WordPress generates per category or author as all feeds get redirected to the single FeedBurner feed. [Continue]

Too Distributed

I know, I know that Web 2.0 is all about decentralization, so that I am not bound to any single provider. In stead of the big brother provider everything we have different providers for different services. And we have mashups that make them talk to each other. [Continue]

FeedLinx Shutting Down

I received an email from FeedLinx support that FeedLinx is shutting down. It was not just one of the feed to email converters, you can use it to keep a track of your feed subscriptions across machines and aggregators. I had used it for sometime to synchronize across feed readers. [Continue]

Redirecting To Feedburner

I have started using Steve Smith’s Feedburner Plugin to ensure that all subscribers get the same experience. It redirects the WordPress feed subscriber for posts and comments of this blog to the Feedburner feed for posts and comments both. It will also help me implement at least one of the suggestions for reducing the bandwidth usage. [Continue]

Indian Newspapers And Feeds

If you are wondering whether Indian newspapers have caught up with feeds, NewsRack might help (via Rajesh Jain). I still see some newspapers missing, especially the regional ones. There might be an influence of lack of localization in Indian languages, but I think the industry can really push it ahead.



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