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The Document Foundation Incorporated

The Document Foundation, which forked away from OpenOffice, and looks after LibreOffice development is officially incorporated in Berlin, Germany. The legal form of the entity – rechtsfähige Stiftung des bĂĽrgerlichen Rechts – means that it is an independent foundation that is supported by state authorities. As a LibreOffice user I am happy to see a vendor-neutral organization committed towards development of LibreOffice. [Continue]

Security And Open Source

Statements like “Open source is more secure” or citing security as one of the benefits of using open source software seem to confuse people more than help them understand the open source philosophy. People counter these statements with questions like “Would a proprietary software be more secure if it was open sourced?”, and they conclude the exact opposite since the code is open for anyone to insert security holes and bugs. We cannot blame them completely for this misunderstanding, we open source advocates need to carry some blame to make such statements. [Continue]

Natural SEO

The current Web is organized enough to make your content discoverable. However, you have to follow its recommendations to get the best out of it. I am surprised so many developers and SEO experts forget this and try to do horrible things that try to trick readers to force the SEO. [Continue]



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