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Effect Of Minimalist Design

This is a great experiment to show effect of minimalist design. While the minimalist design might not always be the best one, this is a good reminder that sometimes making a design effective might mean removing some things from it. This is more so in digital media where the attention span is less, almost no control over reader’s environment and technology is always moving.

Hosting Is Important, Even For Small And Simple Web Sites

In just last couple of months, I have come across companies who are being exploited by their web hosts. This post is mostly a reaction to witnessing their struggle with the hosting companies. They are being charged either for additional email IDs or subdomains, giving them a very narrow control of the web server and not responding quickly to queries. [Continue]

Why Estimates Suck

Marcel provides some insights on estimating. It is sound advice, except that estimation is usually done at a time when nothing else in the project is decided, which actually is guesstimation. So when we do this estimation, we define many other dimensions, like the team’s composition, skill-set and process. [Continue]

Agile Development A Culture, If You Believe

Jeff Patton says that agile development is more of a culture than a process. It is quite refreshing to read constructive a constructive discussion on the topic, though it did put pressure on me to really understand what culture meant, and it can have several meanings. I think agile can be agile because it asks you to follow a set of principles without being restrictive about how we do that. [Continue]



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