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Indian Government Proposing Internet Nightmare

The Indian Government wants to manually pre-screen content that goes on sites like Twitter and Facebook. This does not seem like a well thought initiative. Not only is the volume of such content impossible to be monitored manually, the Government fails to understand that these sites are usually the pointers to other sites where the actual content is stored. [Continue]

The Indian Supreme Court Adopts Ubuntu 10.04

The Indian Supreme Court has asked about 17,000 courts to move from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. This will be a big boost for Ubuntu. The E Committee has gone one step ahead and published helpful resources for adopting Ubuntu: Guidelines for Ubuntu deployment (pdf) 25 salient features of Ubuntu (pdf) Ubuntu Linux Installation and Features video, and A free SMS channel for Ubuntu tips and information (pdf) I admire that E-Committee has provided such information proactively. [Continue]

India Comes Up With Text To Speech And Web-based OCR

Press release: Technology Development for Indian Language (TDIL) Programme of the Department of Information Technology, under a consortium project has developed this Text-To- Speech system. TTS has also been integrated with Non Visual Desktop Access (NVDA) screen reader and Optical Character Recognition System (OCRA). OCR system developed under a TDIL consortium Project for Hindi & Punjabi was also provided on TDIL Data Centre to get user feedback, while the challenges of computationally intensive technology research are parallely being addressed. [Continue]

National Science Day 2011

Today, 28th Feb is celebrated as the National Science Day in India. Unlike other days which celebrate either political, historical or religious events, this one marks the discovery of Raman Effect, by C.V.Raman. Unfortunately, today’s education system has best highlighted science as a subject where one can score good marks in exams. [Continue]



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