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The Indian Supreme Court Adopts Ubuntu 10.04

The Indian Supreme Court has asked about 17,000 courts to move from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. This will be a big boost for Ubuntu. The E Committee has gone one step ahead and published helpful resources for adopting Ubuntu: Guidelines for Ubuntu deployment (pdf) 25 salient features of Ubuntu (pdf) Ubuntu Linux Installation and Features video, and A free SMS channel for Ubuntu tips and information (pdf) I admire that E-Committee has provided such information proactively. [Continue]

Toyota Gets Serious About Linux In Car

Toyota has joined the Linux Foundation as a Gold member to get the most out of Linux for its cars. “Linux gives us the flexibility and technology maturity we require to evolve our In-Vehicle-Infotainment and communications systems to address the expectations of our customers,” said Kenichi Murata, Project General Manager, Electronics Development Div. 1, TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION. [Continue]

On 64 Bit Arch Now

I recently upgraded from 32 bit to 64 bit Arch Linux as I want to get into some 64 bit nitty-gritties. And I did it within a running system, that is, without re-installing the OS. While it sounds adventurous, Arch Linux’s migration guide made it without any surprises. [Continue]

Using The export Shell Command

One of the most commonly used but not well understood by everyone is the export shell command. The way most of the users know about it is through installation instructions of many softwares which require environment variables to be set. The command export TERM=xterm means that the environment variable TERM is available to any other program, or more suitably, any process that is started from that shell after the variable is set. [Continue]



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