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Learning Power Tools

If you are thinking of learning a power tool, listen to Drew Neil’s advice. The article focuses on vim in comparison with other text editors, but this advice is applicable to all power tools. A typical quality of power tools is the difficult learning curve. [Continue]

Locking Down For Security, And Loss Of Freedom

The concept of UEFI secure booting seems great from a security perspective. But I can’t help but wonder that these things are going to make it more and more difficult to customize them to our likes. It is not only about running Linux on Windows machines, it is about decoupling the hardware and software so that once you buy any hardware you can install any software that can run on it. [Continue]

Sanskrit And Lisp

This year my daughter’s school started teaching Sanskrit to her class. We were happy that she had a chance to pick up this beautiful language at such a young age. We told her that it is very expressive, has excellent grammar, has a well defined structure, and has loads of historic and religious literature published in it. [Continue]

I am Not

After whatever experience I have in working on my own, I realized that it is important to clearly convey what I am good at. However, often I have taken up work where it was all good, but crossed the fuzzy boundaries into other roles that I am not good at. So it is equally important, if not more, to convey what I am not good at before someone hires me. [Continue]



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