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Probems Or Symptoms?

It has often happened with me that what I considered was a problem was only a symptom of the real one. For the user, the symptom is usually the problem itself. That is why it is all the more important for a problem solver to sift through the symptoms and arrive at the underlying problem. [Continue]

Filtering The Idea

It is extremely important to filter an idea to do full justice to it. In the early excitement subsconsciouly we build a lot of cruft around it by adding design and implementation details. At the ideation stage this is nothing less than pollution. [Continue]

Hacker Culture

Psychoanalyst Michael Jolkovski explains the hacking culture “Hacker” is just a new word for a person using basic form of creativity: sometimes devious or transgressive, it’s using an old thing in a new way, or finding a way around an obstacle. Sometimes a hack is destructive and inelegant, like using a violin as a hammer. Sometimes it’s ingenious and opens the door to a whole new thing. [Continue]

Making Mistakes

A junior asked me about what I have gained after about a decade of experience in the software development. I tried to sound cool and talked about methodologies, philosophies, tools, and what not. A perfect recipe for a boring and useless lecture, which I am sure was of no use to him. [Continue]

Think Solution, Not Software Solutions

The more I think about ROI of software, the more I believe that software is being given undue importance. It sure is an important piece of the puzzle, but it should not overshadow other pieces like process, people, and more importantly, it should not overshadow the solution itself. We end up talking about the software so much that there is no bandwidth and budget left to make use of it properly. [Continue]



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