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Open Android Alliance To Further Android’s Cause

Though Android is an open source platform, Google adds its proprietary applications when it is rolled out. This is where some of the open source contributors who wanted to provide modified distributions are facing hurdles. So a new alliance has been put together – Open Android Alliance – with an aim to replace all the proprietary applications with open source equivalents. [Continue]

We Need Standards In The Mobile World

Last week I helped a friend’s father to move his contacts from his Nokia phone to the his new Blackberry device. And it was not a pleasant experience. It involved: Nokia’s PC Suite to import the contacts into the Outlook addressbook Blackberry’s Desktop Manager to import the contacts from Outlook. [Continue]

Why 160 Characters

I have always wondered about the reasons behind the length limitation of SMSs, that has been inherited by numerous applications that use it. Mark Milian has an interesting story of how the length came out to be 160 characters. The story highlights that the research conducted to deduce the number, that was sufficient to convey messages, was driven by usability and effectiveness than technology limitations. [Continue]



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