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Get The Source

Developers who question if they should build on open source stack, read this (via Jeff Atwood): The source code never lies. Reading source code is not easy. But you can find out what is wrong with your software or the underlying stack to solve the problem and control the environment, if you have the source code. [Continue]

NASA’s Love For Open Source

NASA has tightened its embrace for the open source philosophy. code.nasa.gov (via Information Week), a new Web site, showcases NASA’s projects and talks about contributions from others. NASA is one of my favourite mentions as a big open source user whenever people bring up the less-secure FUD for open source projects. [Continue]

Adobe Unflexes

Looks like Adobe is all set to become a HTML5 company. Following their decision to stop development on mobile flash, Adobe has decided to donate Flex SDK to the Apache Software Foundation. And it is not only Flex, Adobe seems to be lightening up of a lot of technologies. [Continue]

Free Game Alliance Promotes Open Source Gaming

This is a novel initiative – cross-promoting open source and gaming. The Free Game Alliance is a collection of games created to sponsor and bring to everyone the concept of Open Source and to have the participating projects support each other. Hundreds of volunteers, enthusiast about game development, are working in their spare time to learn about game development, to let their imagination run free, and to develop games as they always wanted to. [Continue]



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