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When Agile Might Fail

Kelly Waters gives 3 scenarios where Agile Software Development does not work. One factor that is often ignored while diving into agile is the team structure. Companies like to have hierarchical team structures, where few good ones can get work done with many average ones. [Continue]

Agile Development A Culture, If You Believe

Jeff Patton says that agile development is more of a culture than a process. It is quite refreshing to read constructive a constructive discussion on the topic, though it did put pressure on me to really understand what culture meant, and it can have several meanings. I think agile can be agile because it asks you to follow a set of principles without being restrictive about how we do that. [Continue]

On Failures Of Agile Projects

The proponents of the agile methodologies wanted to change the way software development was done. I think that changes have happened, but unfortunately most of them are superficial ones, leading to failures and more notoreity for the underlying philosophy. Scott Nelson explains how some aspects of agile methodologies can be wrongly used. [Continue]

I Keep Timesheets For Myself

Timesheets are only wastage of paper for some, for some they are evidence of the work, for some they translate into money and for some they are just more things to talk about at meetings. I have had a love-hate relationship with them. I started by disliking them, but later realized what I could gain from them. [Continue]



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