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PHP Sucks, But We Can Only Rant, Not Avoid It

There is lots to listen on the PHP channel nowadays. Bashing, bashing; sometimes praise, and then some more bashing. This post is more of a justification to myself, especially after reading all these posts, about how PHP still works and how as a Web developer I cannot avoid it. [Continue]

Get The Source

Developers who question if they should build on open source stack, read this (via Jeff Atwood): The source code never lies. Reading source code is not easy. But you can find out what is wrong with your software or the underlying stack to solve the problem and control the environment, if you have the source code. [Continue]

Improving Unix Commands

I came across a thoughtful article by Dan Newcome on how the functional programming concepts can overcome inconsistency problems with Unix commands. What if the Unix commands performed atomic operations, without complications and exposed a consistent predictable interface instead of just text! They could be then as composable as functions. [Continue]

Django’s SITE_ID

Django has a nice way of publishing content across sites. Using the sites framework one can publish the content on multiple sites and retrieve it for specific sites. There is a configuration parameter – SITE_ID – using which you can specify which the site for which content is to be retrieved. [Continue]

Clockwise/Spiral Technique For C Programmers

I came across the Clockwise/Spiral Rule through Bruno yesterday. I remember making a note of this when I had taught C++ for one semester in my alma mater. Such rules make C a lot more consistent while learning and minimize the fear students gather in their first brush with the language. [Continue]



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