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AJAX For Accessibility

Charles Chen writes about AxsJAX – a framework for injecting accessibility using AJAX techniques. Pronounced as Access JAX, AxsJAX follows the W3C ARIA specification, and might work as an active test tool for it. Being the main developer behind Fire Vox, Charles has made AxsJAX available through it, as a bookmarklet and through Greasemonkey script. [Continue]

Secure AJAX Mashups

Brent Ashley explains the problem and possible solutions for secure AJAX mashups (via Ajaxian). It has come a right time, when developers are reporting AJAX vulnerabilities. The inherent conflict is because we are using today’s tools in an unintended way, which springs up surprises, especially when we least expect it. [Continue]


I like to test JavaScript tools where JavaScript is part of the functionality, not the coolness. Exhibit (via Ajaxian) is one such tool. Exhibit lets you create web pages with support for data operations like sorting and filtering without having to work with a database and a programming language. [Continue]

Links And Back Button With AJAX

One of the disadvantages of AJAX is that since the entire page is not reloaded, it is not natural to change the link for the page that contains the new information. Which means that the new information cannot be bookmarked! The sites usually work around this by providing a link somewhere on the page which requires the user to take more efforts to first look for it and then bookmark it. [Continue]


After a lot of time there has been a development which tries to improve on the original purpose of Web. Hyperscope is an implementation of Open Hyperdocument System (OHS), vision of the legendary Doug Engelbart. OHS aims at bridging together the different knowledge tools with common capabilities in an interoperable way. [Continue]



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