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C++Next Will Help

C++Next is a new site focusing on C++ language. Nowadays a programming language need something more than its own features – a community that can illustrate its benefits through applications and writings as it evolves. And if there is any language that needs it the most, it is C++. [Continue]

Case For C++

C++ has been at the receiving end in recent times about neither being a good low-level language nor being an effective high-level one. It is said that there is no case for C++ in today’s programming world. I agree that with evolution of programming languages, applicability of C++ is narrowing down, but it has still not vanished. [Continue]

C++ Is The New, Or Old, Linux

Where else can you see continuous criticism, unfortunately, most of it not constructive! Actually we have seen this a lot with OOP as well. There are some common elements to such kind of criticisms: The subject gets compared to other alternatives feature by feature, without considering the context. [Continue]

From C To C++

I have advised every new programmer to at least understand certain concepts in C. Howmuchever higher paradigm we use to program, understanding of the basic memory management and basic data-structures go a long way. C is one of the best languages to do so, it carries the least baggage in this regard. [Continue]

C++ And The Pits

C++ is not one of the favorite programming languages today, not in the age of dynamic, garbage collecting and quick-to-code languages age. It has unfortunately become subject to a lot of bashing. I actually think that criticism is good, because it helps in evolving. [Continue]

Design Patterns – To Use Or Not To Use

One of the problems of the fresh programmers today is that they get to hear a lot of contradictions, from equally credible people, on various topics in programming. One such controversial topic is use of GoF Design Patterns, especially the ones talked about in the book by GoF. This puts these programmers in a dilemma as to whether they should read and adopt what is professed in the book or not. [Continue]



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