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Java Gets Deprecated On OS X

In the most recent update for OS X 10.6, Apple has deprecated Java. That is, the Apple produced JVM won’t be supported any more and possibly removed from future versions. Ironically, the update also includes some improvements to Apple’s Java. [Continue]

Project Coin For Small Improvements To Java

Project Coin is an effort to draw contributions from the community for small improvements to the Java language for JDK7. A new JSR will be drafted to include a subset of proposals. I personally feel that all kinds of efforts should be taken to make changes to the Java API to help reduce the verbosity of the code. [Continue]

Why Is Affordable Java Hosting Not As Common

A friend, who was recently exposed to Web development, was wondering why Java hosting was not as popular as it was for other Web technologies. It was a lot easier to find hosting, right from cheap shared space to dedicated machines, for other languages like PHP and Python. Why not for Java? [Continue]



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