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Free-er Web

Of course the Web is free, for the average user. But Richard Stallman wants to make it more explicit for the Web. Just the other day some of us were trying to apply the open source philosophy to the Web technologies. [Continue]

JavaScript On Rails

A while back I said that some frameworks are so productive today that they might drive your choice of programming language. Well, it is not absolutely true if you are ready to put in effort and show your love for the framework by porting it to your preferred language. Steve Yegge wanted to use Rails, but could not use Ruby at Google, so he ported it to JavaScript. [Continue]

ECMAScript Edition 4 RI Available

Dave Herman writes to inform that pre-release of reference implementation of ECMAScript Edition 4 aka JavaScript 2 is available. This is the place to track developments with JavaScript, along with a ECMAScript Edition 4 Wiki. The purpose of a RI is to serve as a standard and as an example for others to carry out other implementations. [Continue]

JavaScript And vi

The guys at Internet Connection have implemented vi in JavaScript (JSVI) (via Ajaxian). JSVI might not sound appealing to you instantly, but it gives a good break from all the WYSIWYG editors and actually lets me use my favorite editor on the Web. Many of my friends ask me about the reasons behind my liking for vi. [Continue]

Third Party Scripts Here

A friend voiced some concerns about the various third party web sites that appeared in the status bar while loading this blog. These would be the “Looking up …” or “Waiting for …” messages with the web site addresses. This post is to assure you, the reader, that all the third party scripts that are being used here are trustworthy. [Continue]

Secure AJAX Mashups

Brent Ashley explains the problem and possible solutions for secure AJAX mashups (via Ajaxian). It has come a right time, when developers are reporting AJAX vulnerabilities. The inherent conflict is because we are using today’s tools in an unintended way, which springs up surprises, especially when we least expect it. [Continue]



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