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Performing Algorithms

Check out AlgoRythmics’ Channel for innovative illustrations of different sorting algorithms. This way it is easier to highlight algorithms with better performance. For example, the bubble-sort dance effectively highlights why it can be slow.

Sanskrit And Lisp

This year my daughter’s school started teaching Sanskrit to her class. We were happy that she had a chance to pick up this beautiful language at such a young age. We told her that it is very expressive, has excellent grammar, has a well defined structure, and has loads of historic and religious literature published in it. [Continue]

Java Gets Deprecated On OS X

In the most recent update for OS X 10.6, Apple has deprecated Java. That is, the Apple produced JVM won’t be supported any more and possibly removed from future versions. Ironically, the update also includes some improvements to Apple’s Java. [Continue]

C++Next Will Help

C++Next is a new site focusing on C++ language. Nowadays a programming language need something more than its own features – a community that can illustrate its benefits through applications and writings as it evolves. And if there is any language that needs it the most, it is C++. [Continue]



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