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Case For C++

C++ has been at the receiving end in recent times about neither being a good low-level language nor being an effective high-level one. It is said that there is no case for C++ in today’s programming world. I agree that with evolution of programming languages, applicability of C++ is narrowing down, but it has still not vanished. [Continue]

Should It Always Be English?

Software industry is not new to tussles about languages. This time though, it is not about a programming language, it is about using English as the default for technical discussions and documentation. Jeff Atwood is quite honest in expressing the feeling that programmers should learn English if they want to connect with the world-wide community. [Continue]

Unladen Swallow – A Faster Python

Google wants a faster Python. Unladen Swallow is one of the recent projects out of Google, which aims to produce a Python version at least 5x faster than CPython, the current implementation of Python. Note that Python has already seen multiple implementations, but this seems to be the first one wanting to make Python fast enough to replace C, atleast in some projects. [Continue]

Free-er Web

Of course the Web is free, for the average user. But Richard Stallman wants to make it more explicit for the Web. Just the other day some of us were trying to apply the open source philosophy to the Web technologies. [Continue]

Commercial Support For Haskell

Industrial Haskell Group has been launched. It is a collaborative effort for funding Haskell research and development. There are some commercial uses of Haskell, however there seem to be a lot of misconceptions about functional programming itself, let alone Haskell. [Continue]



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