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PHP Sucks, But We Can Only Rant, Not Avoid It

There is lots to listen on the PHP channel nowadays. Bashing, bashing; sometimes praise, and then some more bashing. This post is more of a justification to myself, especially after reading all these posts, about how PHP still works and how as a Web developer I cannot avoid it. [Continue]

PHP’s Alternative Syntax

PHP stands out because it is one of the first languages built for Web. No wonder it offers an alternative syntax that is more usable as a template language instead of a programming language. They help us avoid the block-kind code and have single-line PHP code. [Continue]

PHP Backspaces

So, PHP gets namespaces, and a namespace separator, and a lot of complaints with it. Is \ (rfc) a good choice as a namespace separator? I can’t say, but it sure is not what I expected for a namespace separator. [Continue]

Zend Brings Lucene To PHP

Apache Lucene can be said to be one of the strong applications that can draw you towards Java land. Either you choose Java for your work or you end up writing a Java layer to make use of that. There are many applications which are not very good at search, and it is mainly because efficient fulltext search engines are not easily available. [Continue]

The PHP Rift

PHP 4 is about to die. At least the PHP core wants to kill it, but there is a rift in the PHP community. A lot of PHP developers feel that PHP 5 has betrayed them because of the backward compatibility issues. [Continue]

Adoption Of PHP 5

Ryan Boren discusses adoption of PHP 5 for WordPress. I see two factions here – the developers who like the goodies in PHP 5 and want to use them, and the application developers who want to make sure that it does not hurt the end users. Both of them are right in their own place, in my opinion. [Continue]



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