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Unladen Swallow – A Faster Python

Google wants a faster Python. Unladen Swallow is one of the recent projects out of Google, which aims to produce a Python version at least 5x faster than CPython, the current implementation of Python. Note that Python has already seen multiple implementations, but this seems to be the first one wanting to make Python fast enough to replace C, atleast in some projects. [Continue]

Python’s History, As A Blog

Python is 19 years old, and Guido van Rossum, its creator, is publishing bits and pieces from the history of Python. And he is doing it as a blog. The best part of learning a programming language is understanding the philosophy and rationale behind its design. [Continue]

Arguments For Python’s self

Bruce Eckel has perfectly articulated the rant against Python’s self parameter. The response to arguments about self in Python is “explicit is better than implicit.” In a discussion at Pycon Brazil, I realized that we do need self in the body of a method, but being forced to place it in the argument list is redundant. I’m not actually expecting it to change, but I want to try to establish that this isn’t a dumb argument. [Continue]

Python 3K Discussions

Since the Python 3K alpha 1 release there have been some discussions about what the new Python should look like. The discussions have been interesting, and mostly hovering around concurrency support in the new version. Juergen Brendel wrote an open letter to Guido van Rossum, the author of Python, about removing the Global Interpreter Lock (GIL) from Python. [Continue]

Python Moving

Krys Wilken wonders if Python is getting used more and more. Of course this can be called one of the biased posts, and it is quite true that personal preferences does create a bias. But there is something else to look for here. [Continue]



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