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What Is Performance?

A significant term that comes up everywhere in the software world, yet is open for interpretation for everyone. The danger is when you and your client end up with a difference. It is critical to define what is meant by loose terms like good performance when software development is being discussed. [Continue]

What Kind Of Work Do I Like To Do?

I have been asked this question by different people at different times, enough to write about it here. Not necessarily as an answer, but to build my own thoughts about it, because I do not have a crisp and to-the-point answer. Many times the intent is to find out about my favorite technologies or programming languages or environments. [Continue]

Why Is Software Hard?

Kyle Wilson attempts to answer that, and amazingly brings up factors that are not usually discussed. Software development, by itself, is complex because there are always unknown factors, and we are still not capable of anticipating all of them. But a software project can easily turn into an abysmal hole where we keep doing things. [Continue]

On IT Project Failures

Michael Krigsman informs us about the study done by Computer Associates to determine causes of IT project failures. Michael presents some slides from the yet to be published study. Interesting, but the view seems to be only from the corporate world, where the discussions start and end with budget. [Continue]

Continuing On Pre-built Or Custom

This has been one of the most time-consuming and significant decisions in almost all software projects. It affects many things, with the maintenance getting affected the most. Sometimes hiring new people also revolves around the skills required for the third party tools (code blocks, libraries, frameworks, applications) used. [Continue]

Pre-built Or Custom?

Matthew Magain has an interesting story of a competition between two teams, one using an existing CMS and the other doing development from scratch for a web site. The Aussie team chose to use a pre-built, open source CMS (Drupal) while the CodeBlacks (Team New Zealand) chose to build their site from scratch. The CodeBlacks won. [Continue]

Linus On SCM

Linus Torvalds is strongly opinionated on the topic of Source Control Management (SCM), like other topics, and is a strong advocate of Git – Fast Version Control System. He derides almost all others out there, including the popular CVS and Subversion. Most of us developers try to avoid working with the version control systems. [Continue]



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