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WYSIWYG On Web Is Wrong

I know I have said this before, but WYSIWYG editor is a wrong solution for managing content on the Web. On the Web, we want content to be separated from its formatting, and WYSIWYG editors offer the exact opposite. Markdown, Textile, even WYSIWYM works well, but WYSIWYG editors are still the most user-friendly feature advertised by CMSs. [Continue]

PHP Sucks, But We Can Only Rant, Not Avoid It

There is lots to listen on the PHP channel nowadays. Bashing, bashing; sometimes praise, and then some more bashing. This post is more of a justification to myself, especially after reading all these posts, about how PHP still works and how as a Web developer I cannot avoid it. [Continue]

Is Microsoft Getting Insecure About Office?

Microsoft has posted a video of testimonials criticizing OpenOffice. I do believe that some users can have problems with OpenOffice because they think that it is a drop-in replacement for Microsoft Office, the same problem that has plagued Linux since its appearance. I use OpenOffice, as a different office suite with its own feature sets, like excellent support for ODF and one-click PDF export. [Continue]

More Gadgets …

More and more gadgets are being thrown at you in more and more forms. More possibilities and more options. More devices to do the same thing, whether its chat or email or photos or videos. [Continue]



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