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IE8 To Have Compatibility View To Beat The Standards

Microsoft seems to be hell bent on making the standards secondary in the name of compatibility. Not a while back, Microsoft had agreed to use the standards mode by default for IE8 after many had opposed the degradation. If enough users vote a site into IE7 compatibility mode, it will be displayed using that, even if it was built using the standards. [Continue]

We Need Firefox Inside!

How do I convince these sites that I do use Firefox? It gets called something else because of some stupid reasons, but it is really Firefox and nothing else. Every time I visit hotmail or orkut or some site which thinks that it is doing something so special that it needs to warn users about their browsers, these messages that make a mockery of my setup. [Continue]

PHP Backspaces

So, PHP gets namespaces, and a namespace separator, and a lot of complaints with it. Is \ (rfc) a good choice as a namespace separator? I can’t say, but it sure is not what I expected for a namespace separator. [Continue]

Back To The Future

A college decides to build a web site. The full web site involves offering multiple services. A part of the team has had horrible experiences with downtimes because of too many database calls. [Continue]

We Need More .txt

Everytime someone requests me to send my resume or a small document in .doc, I remember the long forgotten, simple yet versatile format – the text file. While we have been fighting over standardization of office documents, we have neglected it enough to make our lives difficult by hovering around resource-hogging proprietary tools and formats even for most basic tasks. The text file is like a meta format (though format is not exactly correct, I assume it is enough for our purpose), that lets you easily create your own schema and use any extension to build your own type using it. [Continue]



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