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Business, Strategy And Designer

If you are thinking that designer is the odd man out, Luke Wroblewski will clear your doubt: Designer: “Design is the physical, or in this case digital, manifestation of your product strategy. Of course we could define your customers’ experience with ‘paint by number’. But I think you’d agree we should figure out what you want to say to your customers and why before we dive into how we’re going to say it.” Well, this is answer to a question, but provides the crux. [Continue]

Software And Electricity

I was discussing bugs with some students and why it is important to identify and then crack them. When the topic hovered over memory leaks, I gave examples about how the software had to be restarted to regain the memory. Memory leaks when a software acquires memory from the computer, but does not release it back after the work is done. [Continue]



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