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India Publishes Its Policy On Open Standards

Government of India’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has published its policy on open standards for e-governance (pdf). It explicitly states that the Government will adopt Single and Royalty-Free Open Standard. Section 4.1 titled “Mandatory Characteristics” (of Open Standard) lists interesting points, like: the standard should be adopted and maintained by a not-for-profit organization the standard will have a technology-neutral specification Read the entire policy. [Continue]

Get OpenID With Google Profiles

Google profiles can be now used as OpenIDs. Unlike the federated login, now Google will allow the profile URLs will work with any site that accepts the generic OpenID. Though this is good for OpenID, I doubt of the average Joe is aware of Google profiles itself. [Continue]

We Need Standards In The Mobile World

Last week I helped a friend’s father to move his contacts from his Nokia phone to the his new Blackberry device. And it was not a pleasant experience. It involved: Nokia’s PC Suite to import the contacts into the Outlook addressbook Blackberry’s Desktop Manager to import the contacts from Outlook. [Continue]

Microformats Get Flexible With Value Class Pattern

Microformats has introduced a new pattern – the value-class pattern to tackle accessibility and localization problems. The value-class pattern lets you two things – break value of a microformat property into multiple sub-values, and mark specific relevant data using a special class name value. So, now you have multiple options to design your markup for datetime values and keep it accessible and machine readable, as Jeremy Keith illustrates.

Already Seeing Worst Of Double Standards

We have already started to see the worst of living with more than one standard to do the exact same thing. Excel 2007 SP2’s ODF support has degraded, because it is no longer interoperable. Microsoft, a company, which values backward compatibility over anything else, does not worry about interoperability when implementing ODF support. [Continue]

IE8 To Have Compatibility View To Beat The Standards

Microsoft seems to be hell bent on making the standards secondary in the name of compatibility. Not a while back, Microsoft had agreed to use the standards mode by default for IE8 after many had opposed the degradation. If enough users vote a site into IE7 compatibility mode, it will be displayed using that, even if it was built using the standards. [Continue]



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