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Updating The Theme

You will see gradual changes to this blog design over next couple of weeks. In last couple of days, I have used CSS3 gradients for background color and media queries to change the layout a bit for different screen sizes. You can test it by resizing your browser to different sizes.

Using Google Font API

I feel that using open source fonts in the Web design provides a consistent experience as they are always available for download on all platforms. Now, courtesy @font-face we can deliver the same consistent experience though online fonts. With the release of Google Font API this can be implemented with just an additional line of code. [Continue]

Excuses For Unblogging

I guess I have finally found a word for what I did with this blog for last month or so – unblogging! For various reasons I could not be near an Internet connection. That and some personal reasons kept me from being active on this blog. [Continue]

Updated Feed URL and Feed Ads

The all-articles feed for this blog has been updated. My FeedBurner feed has been migrated to the Google’s own version and hence this feed has a new name now – http://feedproxy.google.com/ifacethoughts/entries. I am going to experiment with adsense for feeds. [Continue]


This blog was down for a while, in fact, quite a lot of while – about 8 hours or so. The hosting company had suspended the account citing the reason of poor performance. So I have done some changes in the theme code, disabled a couple of plugins and optimized the DB tables. [Continue]

Free Magazines via TradePub

The good people at RevResponse.com got in touch with me to offer free magazine subscriptions for you, the readers. There is a widget in the sidebar called “Free Technical Resource Center” that will lead you there. You can subscribe to some good software development magazines and journals for free. [Continue]

Wearing HTML 5 Now

This blog is now using the HTML 5 elements to markup the contents. I had this HTML 5 equivalent theme half-ready for a long time, but it was just sitting in my version control as I could put time into finishing it. I decided to activate it today so that it can help me understand more about the new HTML. [Continue]



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