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A Fixed Version Of The Theme

This blog now carries a fixed width theme, I will keep it for a while to experiment with it. I am trying to keep the width under 800px so that I do not have to do anything special to make it appear in whole on a 800×600 resolution machine. Since the spacing has reduced, I have added a background color for the sidebar, or the secondary content. [Continue]

9rules Relaunches With Ali2

Last year-end brought more visibility to this blog, through the 9rules Network. With time 9rules has evolved into something more than a network. Of course you can always say that it is trying to piggy back on the social networking trends, but it sure is a place to build associations. [Continue]

Volatile Changes Here

Some of you who visit the web site might have seen some design changes, a lot of which have been rolled back. I am still continuing the experimentation. I had unset fonts in my stylesheet, however I have realized that it might not work. [Continue]

Adding DZone To Share-This

DZone is a good place to discover interesting posts and articles on software development, like reddit programming. Since I already use the Share-This plugin, I have added a DZone entry to it, by adding the URL http://www.dzone.com/links/add.html?url={url}&title={title} following code to the array $social_sites.

Experimenting With A Makeover

This blog is getting a makeover, mostly because I have started believing in some best practices for web design, specifically to do with fonts. I am going to implement them here and see if it is liked or disliked. There are some small layout changes, but the basic layout will still remain the same, so you will not start all over again. [Continue]



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