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Learning Power Tools

If you are thinking of learning a power tool, listen to Drew Neil’s advice. The article focuses on vim in comparison with other text editors, but this advice is applicable to all power tools. A typical quality of power tools is the difficult learning curve. [Continue]

I Love i3

I wanted to give i3 an honest try, I did and I love it. The big difference between i3 and xmonad is absence of layout algorithms in i3. You manually arrange the windows. [Continue]

Trying Out i3

I have been using xmonad for almost three years. The dynamic window layout management helped me to not think about positioning the windows. However, this is the same reason why I am trying out i3 as a trial. [Continue]

Single Instance vim

If you keep going back to the shell to find and open files, every (g)vim command will open a new instance. You can tell vim to use an existing instance using its command server functionality. Replace vim with gvim for all the commands if you use the graphical interface. [Continue]

Task Management Plugin for vim

Finally, I have converted my hacky task management script for vim into a plugin. It is still not polished, but the code is available at github and the plugin is functional. I have added file type recognition and functionality for pending tasks using vim’s internal grep command. [Continue]



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