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A Mindmap Of Linux Administration Tools

This is a neat way of organizing the thousands of useful Linux tools (via K.Mandla). I appreciate that the basic classification is by administration and hacking 🙂 It is really useful someone is overwhelmed by the sudden availability of so many tools, like people coming from the Windows world.

I Do Not Use The Tools I Recommend

Though this sounds hypocritic, it is simply an extension of a well known design best practice. I realize that people who seek advice on Linux distributions and tools are not the same as me. So I end up recommending tools that I personally do not use in every day life. [Continue]

Help Yourself With xdg-open

I am a keyboard junkie, and I encourage others to use it more than the average use and experience the change, whether it is in the console or one of the modern keyboard-driven launchers. One of the complaints I keep hearing is that with the command line, people have to type in name of the executable to open a document. Whereas in the GUI world, you just double-click on a document, or on the application icon. [Continue]

New Tools I Picked Up In 2009

I have picked up some interesting new tools last year. Some of them have changed the way I work. xmonad: A wonderful tiling window manager that has found a place in all my monitors, with different resolutions dmenu: IMHO the best launcher out there centerim: Console or not, this is the best and least intrusive way of chatting GNU Screen: An immensely useful terminal multiplexer git: A version control system that lets you code first and worry about version control later Chromium: It just sped past all the existing browsers. [Continue]



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