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Strings Or Numbers?

Bill Venners comments on David Heinemeier Hansson’s justification for using integers in URLs instead of semantic strings in Ruby On Rails. As an example, if you look at the URL of the Help of this blog, it is http://ifacethoughts.net/help. As against this, using integers would give you http://ifacethoughts.net/564 where 564 is the database ID of the page for help. [Continue]

Usability Heuristics

Usability testing is usually expensive and time consuming. A heuristic review can help lighten the burden. Lisa Herrod discusses usability heuristic and expert reviews: In conducting an heuristic review, a series of guidelines or checkpoints is used by the usability expert to assess a site (or application). [Continue]

Web Design – Art Or Engineering?

This has been the single most troubling query for me since I have arrived in the Web arena. The systems programming and application programming are more tilted towards the engineering aspect, applying engineering basics for designing the UI (User Interface). However, because Internet is being treated as media rather than a platform, art has more scope here. [Continue]



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