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WYSIWYG On Web Is Wrong

I know I have said this before, but WYSIWYG editor is a wrong solution for managing content on the Web. On the Web, we want content to be separated from its formatting, and WYSIWYG editors offer the exact opposite. Markdown, Textile, even WYSIWYM works well, but WYSIWYG editors are still the most user-friendly feature advertised by CMSs. [Continue]

Chrome-only Flash For Linux

Adobe seems to be really keen to get rid of Flash, at least on Linux. After 11.2, flash will be supported only through Google’s Pepper Plugin API, which is currently implemented only by Chrome/Chromium. Flash will be supported as an independent piece of software on other platforms. [Continue]

Adobe Unflexes

Looks like Adobe is all set to become a HTML5 company. Following their decision to stop development on mobile flash, Adobe has decided to donate Flex SDK to the Apache Software Foundation. And it is not only Flex, Adobe seems to be lightening up of a lot of technologies. [Continue]

India Comes Up With Text To Speech And Web-based OCR

Press release: Technology Development for Indian Language (TDIL) Programme of the Department of Information Technology, under a consortium project has developed this Text-To- Speech system. TTS has also been integrated with Non Visual Desktop Access (NVDA) screen reader and Optical Character Recognition System (OCRA). OCR system developed under a TDIL consortium Project for Hindi & Punjabi was also provided on TDIL Data Centre to get user feedback, while the challenges of computationally intensive technology research are parallely being addressed. [Continue]

Making iPad The Anti-Web

New York Post seems to be taking the wrong direction. When HTML5 apps on iPad are making the Web as native as possible for the iPad, the New York Post seems to be taking too much of an effort to create the anti-Web for its iPad users.

Delicious Now With YouTube Founders

Delicious is now with the YouTube co-founders. I have been a stop-and-go user of delicious. Not because it is not good, but there are just so many ways to bookmark and share with this blog, other microblogs and social applications that at times using delicious became pointless. [Continue]



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