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WHATWG has a great comic timing. While W3C is bolder with 5, WHATWG is throwing it out (courtesy Waqas). While there are all kinds of accusations flying around, I think WHATWG is doing what is right for developing the specification and W3C is doing what is what is right for publishing the standard. [Continue]

Natural SEO

The current Web is organized enough to make your content discoverable. However, you have to follow its recommendations to get the best out of it. I am surprised so many developers and SEO experts forget this and try to do horrible things that try to trick readers to force the SEO. [Continue]

Hosting Is Important, Even For Small And Simple Web Sites

In just last couple of months, I have come across companies who are being exploited by their web hosts. This post is mostly a reaction to witnessing their struggle with the hosting companies. They are being charged either for additional email IDs or subdomains, giving them a very narrow control of the web server and not responding quickly to queries. [Continue]

Using Google Font API

I feel that using open source fonts in the Web design provides a consistent experience as they are always available for download on all platforms. Now, courtesy @font-face we can deliver the same consistent experience though online fonts. With the release of Google Font API this can be implemented with just an additional line of code. [Continue]

A Film On Web 3.0

Kate Ray has produced an inspiring film on Web 3.0. To be more specific it is more about the concept of Semantic Web than the underlying technologies. So it manages to have a fresh focus on deriving the highest value from the Web instead of the problems of multiple vendors and mismatch in standards and implementations. [Continue]

Web Site Speed Will Be More Important Now

Now your web site’s speed will weigh in on its Google ranking. It will be interesting to see how Google uses this to favour faster sites without affecting the relevance. Nevertheless, as a developer, this gives me a good way to convince the site owners to pay attention to the web site speed, and not just the bling during user experience design.



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