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WordPress Parent Categories And Using the_category

I am frequently asked by some WordPress users if they should categorize both in the parent and the child categories. Lot of people do it so that the parent category gets listed in the the_category() call for that post. In my opinion, there is no point in categorizing in the parent category if it is aimed for the child category. [Continue]

Using WordPress Pages Differently

While building a web site, it is sometimes important to manage content pieces separately and independent of each other. Imagine a corporate site with a homepage that has briefs on its various offerings, and a brief about itself. Each of these briefs are managed independently, and the homepage is composed by integrating them together. [Continue]

It Is Not That Easy To Clone WordPress

I have read quite some tutorials which show how WordPress can be built using certain frameworks in a couple of days or in a matter of seconds. They are quite good, and I personally believe that it helps to write a blogging engine if you want to learn Web programming. Unfortunately these tutorials also lead some to believe that this is all there is to WordPress and ignore its capabilities which are the differentiators, and in my opinion, makes it suitable for much more than just blogs. [Continue]



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