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Mapping Functions to WordPress Versions

I came across the WordPress Functions Implementation History tool through Mark Ghosh. As Ozh explains, you can use it to find life of a function in the WordPress API. One of the disadvantages of a continuous evolving API is that functions get deprecated, they get modified, and they get dropped; and tracking this across the versions can be tedious. [Continue]

Upgrade FeedSmith

Amit Agarwal informs us that FeedBurner has upgraded the FeedSmith plugin for WordPress to plug a potential security vulenrability, which means that it is an required update. The upgrade is really simple. Even if you are using the older version, just disable it, delete the older file, upload the new one, enable it and you are good to go. [Continue]

Displaying WordPress 2.3 Tags

One of the big changes in WordPress 2.3 is inherent support for tagging. We have used the excellent Ultimate Tag Warrior (UTW) plugin till today, but tagging seems to have become popular enough for WordPress to support it. Correspondingly, the themes will now have to change to make the appropriate WordPress function call instead of the UTW call to display tags and tag clouds. [Continue]

Are Sponsored Themes Ethical?

I was without Net access for last couple of days, in which a mild storm has built up around the issue of sponsored themes in the WordPress community. It all probably started with Mark Ghosh banning them from Weblog Tools Collection, and then Matt excluding them from the official themes repository. I cannot say for others, but I am glad that the sponsored themes are not being encouraged. [Continue]



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